Leak Detection in Hillsborough, Pasco & Pinellas County

Pool Leak Detection and Repair Throughout the Tampa Bay Area

We are proud to serve Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas County, FL. Whether you live in Tampa, St. Pete or Spring Hill, we have you covered. Donovan Ball and his team are ready to help solve your residential and commercial pool and spa leak issues throughout the Tampa Bay area.

We guarantee our trusted and patented leak detection technology to find your water leak if you have one, or the service call is free! Each of our leak detection technicians is specifically trained to find and repair your leak without damage occurring to your property. 

We strive for same-day service calls and are usually able to find, service, and repair the leak the same day. From homeowners to property managers, we are familiar with your needs and the fact that you need quick, reliable service.

Why Choose Us?

Using our unique, patented leak detection equipment, we are able to pinpoint a leak of any size. Whether you have a pinhole leak in a pool light or a potential slab leak we will identify and repair the issue.

Aquaman's experienced team serves the greater Tampa area, Tampa City, Temple Terrace, and Plant City for fast and accurate leak detection and repair. Give us a call today for great leak detection service and guaranteed repairs!

For service in Hillsborough, Pasco or PInellas County call Donovan Ball

Donovan Ball
Donovan Ball
Aquaman Diver

How much water are you losing?

Results of water loss from a 1/4″ per day leak!

20′ x 40′ 800 sq ft 125 Gallons 45,625 Gallons
18′ x 36′ 648 sq ft 101 Gallons 36,865 Gallons
16′ x 32′ 512 sq ft 80 Gallons 29,200 Gallons
15′ x 30′ 450 sq ft 70 Gallons 25,550 Gallons
14′ x 28′ 392 sq ft 61 Gallons 22,265 Gallons

Expert Leak Detection Services We Find and Repair

                  • Underground leaks
                  • Pipe leaks
                  • Slab leaks
                  • Pool leaks
                  • Spa tub leaks
                  • Fountain leaks

Don't let that hidden leak continue to swell your water bill! Contact Aquaman Leak Detection Tampa today.

Think you have a leak? Try our Bucket Test

If you suspect a leak, but aren’t sure, you can perform a simple bucket test yourself.