Leak Detection in Orange County

Pool Leak Detection & Repair in Orlando, Florida and the Surrounding Areas

Aquaman Leak Detection has an excellent reputation for pool leak repair with over 15 years of experience! From finding a pool leak to pool leak repair, most often the same day- our testimonials speak for themselves.

Servicing the North-East areas of Orange County, Aquaman Leak Detection serves homeowners directly, pool contractors, companies, pool builders, hotel chains, gyms, and property management companies.

As an owner-operated business with a great reputation, we take our company and our customer service seriously. You can trust us to find and repair your troublesome leaks fast, with positive and helpful attitudes, fast.

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Lowell Ball
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How much water are you losing?

Results of water loss from a 1/4″ per day leak!

20′ x 40′ 800 sq ft 125 Gallons 45,625 Gallons
18′ x 36′ 648 sq ft 101 Gallons 36,865 Gallons
16′ x 32′ 512 sq ft 80 Gallons 29,200 Gallons
15′ x 30′ 450 sq ft 70 Gallons 25,550 Gallons
14′ x 28′ 392 sq ft 61 Gallons 22,265 Gallons

Think you have a leak? Try our Bucket Test

If you suspect a leak, but aren’t sure, you can perform a simple bucket test yourself.