Kevin Ball manages the Aquaman Leak Detection serving residents and business owners in the Upper and Lower Keys of Monroe County, and also in Dade, County, Florida. We find your pool leak and repair it!

As a technician trained in the Aquaman patented leak detection technology, Kevin and his team work quickly and efficiently to find your pool, spa, or fountain leak without causing damage to your property.

Working with property managers and hotel and motel chains in such a high tourist and vacation destination of Florida, Kevin and his team are available for emergency calls. For both large and small find and repair jobs, when you suspect a leak, give us a call right away!

Call (844) 766-5532 for service in Dade or Monroe County.

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Is Your Pool Leaking or Is Evaporation to Blame For Water Loss?

Our bucket test swimming pool leak detection guide will help walk you through the process to determine if your swimming pool is leaking or that your water loss is due to evaporation.

This guide will:

  • Walk you through the Bucket Test
  • Give you next steps if you suspect a link
  • Show you how much water you may be losing
  • and more!

Get your copy of this free guide by clicking the button to the right.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection

All Aquaman Technicians Utilize Our Patented Leak Detection System

Aquaman Leak Detection Owner, Lowell Ball, recognized the need for a consistent way to find a leak in a pool, spa, foundation, or slab with limited or no destruction to customers' properties.

Using his years of experience, knowledge, and drive - He created, perfected, and patented a unique and technologically advanced leak detection system.

This patented system is now used solely by trained technicians at Aquaman Leak Detection locations throughout Florida.

Each Aquaman technician and location are extensions of the company and share the company value set. You can count on honesty, reliability, experience, and trustworthiness. All Aquaman technicians go through specialized and ongoing training to ensure consistent and reliable results for customers. Each uses the same specific processes, equipment, and policies.

For speedy turnaround time, solid repairs, and excellent customer service, turn to Aquaman Leak Detection. Find out why our technicians and our patented system have such a great reputation!