Aquaman Leak Detection

Florida’s Swimming Pool Leak Detection Experts

If you have a leak in your pool, spa, fountain, foundation or slab, we guarantee to find it or the service call is absolutely free!

Each of our trained and certified pool leak detection specialists utilize the most advanced methods and technologies to locate the leak in your pool or spa, without causing damage to your property.

Our patented technology and state of the art equipment help us to hear and detect leaks far beyond any human capability. This allows us to pinpoint the leak in a poured foundation or slab, reducing time, effort and the damage often associated with finding foundation leaks.

With our patented leak detection technology and our experienced and trustworthy staff, you can count on a good experience and warrantied work.

Aquaman Leak Detection Proudly Serves North, Central & South Florida

Serving the Melbourne, Florida area for over 20 years, we now proudly serve all of Central and South Florida.

Florida Diver

Think you have a leak? Try our Bucket Test

If you suspect a leak, but aren’t sure, you can perform a simple bucket test yourself.