Advanced Leak Detection Technology and the Experience You Need

With over 15 years of reputable experience finding leaks in Brevard County, owner Lowell Ball created a unique and patented leak detection system that accurately finds leaks without damaging property.

Using the most advanced methods and high tech equipment, each Aquaman team member is certified and process trained in our unique system. This specialized training and technology ensures consistent results in finding leaks and remedying the problem.

We are so confident in our system and our workmanship, we offer the strongest warranty in the industry.

Yes! Owner Lowell Ball is a diver!

Lowell gets this question a lot!  Here’s a link to watch Lowell in a video, freediving!  All of the Aquaman Leak Detection team are certified divers, too! You have to love diving and water to be part of our team!!

Convenience; Serving Ten Florida Counties (and growing!)

Today, we serve clients in ten Florida counties and are still growing this family owned business! We also have a footprint in California. Our advanced, patented technology and great service have earned us client requests as far out as the Bahamas and Costa Rica! Watch a short video clip of our team on the Bahamas service call HERE.

Quick Service

We understand that when you have a leak, time is of the essence. We take leaks seriously and approach each with professionalism and care. Other than the cost of lost water, pool leaks can cause additional damage to properties. We strive to provide same day service calls. We are known for our quick response and excellent customer service.

No Complaints

We’ve never had a customer complaint! Our client base is made up families, individuals, hotel chains and motels, gyms, public pools and parks, property managers, real estate agents and brokers, retail pool stores, pool contractors, and builders. Please feel free to read a few of our testimonials, HERE.

You can count on the Aquaman team to find your swimming pool or spa leak quickly and warranty our work.

Give us a call now or find out how to perform a simple bucket test first, HERE, to help determine if you have a leak.